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Kabupaten Jepara memiliki sarana akomodasi yang memadai untuk wisatawa Mancanegara dan Nusantara ( Domestik) yaitu: tersedianya hotel-hotel dari kelas Melati sampai dengan kelas Bintang (mewah). Berbintang satu (1 buah), Hotel Melati (5 buah ), Pondok Wisata ( 16 buah ) Dengan total kamar berjumlah 368 kamar
Fasilitas Akomodasi / Hotel berikut klasifikasinya di Kab. Jepara

Nama Hotel
Jepara Indah
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto
Jml. Kamar 65
Daya Tampung 130
Kalingga Star
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 16

Jl. Ringin Raya No. 2
Bintang II

Jl. Pemuda No. 16
Bintang I

Ratu Shima
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 13
Melati III

Jl. Kolonel Sugiyono
Melati III

Jl. Kolonel Sugiyono
Melati III

Jl. Kartini No. 32
Melati I

Nogo Gini
Kompl. Pantai Kartini
Melati I

Home stay
Kec. Karimunjawa
Guest House
Kec. Karimunjawa

Restoran dan Rumah Makan
Di Jepara banyak dijumpai retoran, rumah makan dan café-café, yang menyediakanberbagai menu masakan, baik menu masakan tradisional Jawa, seafood, fast-food maupun menu masakan luar negeri terutama daerah asal para investor yang ada di Jepara.
Bahkah Kabupaten Jepara juga memiliki masakan serta minuman khas yaitu masakah khas Pindang Serani dan minuman Adon-adon Coro


Karimunjawa merupakan oase di laut jawa yang terdiri dari 27 pulau dengan 5 pulau berpenghuni. Melalui SK Menteri Kehutanan N0.74/Kpts-II/2001, tgl 15 Maret 2001 ditetapkan sebagai TAMAN NASIONAL KARIMUNJAWA. Dengan luas 110.117,30 Ha kawasan perairan dan 1.507,7 kawasan darat.
Kep. Karimunjawa dapat dijangkau dengan sarana transportasi udara dan laut. Transportasi Udara ditempuh melalui bandara Ahmad Yani Semarang menuju Bandara Dewadaru yang saat ini hanya dilakukan oleh PT. Wisata Laut Nusa Permai (Kura-kura Resort).
Transportasi laut dapat ditempuh menggunakan kapal KM. Muria yang berlayar 2 kali seminggu dari Pelabuhan Kartini Jepara dengan waktu tempuh + 6 jam atau dengan kapal cepat KARTINI I dengan waktu tempuh + 3,5 jam.

KAPAL Rute Pemberangkatan
Jepara - Karimunjawa
Rabu, jam 09.00 WIB
Sabtu, jam 09.00 WIB
Karimunjawa - Jepara
Kamis, jam 09.00 WIB
Senin, jam 09.00 WIB. Kapal
Semarang - Karimunjawa
Sabtu, jam 09.00 WIB
Karimunjawa - Semarang
Minggu, jam 14.00 WIB
Semarang - Jepara - Kr. Jawa
Senin, jam 07.00 WIB
Karimunjawa - Jepara
Selasa, jam 09.00 WIB

Diving / Snorkeling and sun Bathing Karimunjawa beaches are mostly covered with white sand, hence it is nice for sun bathing in addition to diving/snorkeling and fishing. There are 5 islands out of the 27 Th Karimunjawa island are good for diving / snorkeling and sun bathing.
Those who are interested in diving / snorkeling, they can visit The island of Karimunjawa, especially at Tanjung Gelam, Menjangan Kecil and Cemara Kecil. While, sun bathing can be done at the white sandy beach of Menjangan Besar island and Cemara Kecil island as well. If you enjoy underground marine life white the beautiful sea garden, you may visit "Gosong Cemara" and "Burung" island aboard the glass bottom boat.

Flora & Fauna
Karimunjawa islands has four types of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation, namely :
1. Low land tropical forest, covering almost 80 % of Karimunjawa islands is dominated by "Gondirio" (bouea macrophylla), "Rokok-rokok" and "Uyah - uyahan" (Procris penduculata). There is one endemic species of "Dewa Daru" (Cristocalaxy macrophylla.
2. Mangrove forest, with only two genera : Bruguera and Rhizophora.
3. Beach forest, palm trees (Cocos Nucifera), sea pine (casuarina equesetifolla), sea hibiscus (hibiscus tileceus) and catappas (terminalia catappa).
Sea wed and sea grass ecosystem. In terms of fauna, there are two group of fauna which are found in the island either terrestrial or aquatic. Animals that can be found are : deer (Cervus timorensis), pangolin (manis javanicus), porcupine (Hystric branchyura), edor snake, lasse adjutant stork white bellied sea eagle (heliaeetus leucogaster), stern(stema spp) and Nicobar pigeon (ducula rasaceae). The white-bellied sea eagle is listed in a CITES - registered endangered species. The coral reef consits of frining reef and barrier reef. They include 33 genera of hermatypic coral from 12 families, sponges, soft coral, gorgonians and red coral (tubipora musica) can be found as well. While 242 species of reef fishes have been identified. Other marine fauna are hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtle (Chelonia mydas). The hawksbill turtle is a CITES-registered threatened species.

How to Get to
Karimunjawa island is accessible by air especially from Semarang - the provincial capital city of Central Java. There is regular fligt which is served by DERAYA AIR TAXI from Semarang to Karimunjawa island vice versa for 30 minutes flight. The time schedule are as follows :
A. Yani Semarang
Monday Friday
Rp. 57.000

Dewa Daru Karimunjawa
Monday Friday
Rp. 57.000

When arriving at the air strip of DEWA DARU at the Kemujan island, You, then, proceed your trip on a car (upon reques) for 20 minutes to go the Sub District capital town of Karimunjawa Island which lies at Karimunjawa island.

Accommodation facilities are available at Karimunjawa island the site of the sub District capital town. There are several home stay types accomodation for over night stay. Besides, you can stay at The Guest House owned by The Sub District Office with good facilities is available at Tengah Island for the visitors convenience.

Setia Jaya I & II
Jl. Danang Jaya RT4 RW 1
Ph. 62 297 2206

Jl. Danang Jaya
Jl. Hasanuddin 4
Karimun Indah
RT 4 RW 2
Al Ikhlash
RT 4 RW 2
Berkah Illahi
Jl. Sunan Nyempleng 17
Ph. 62 297 2203


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